I will show you a demo event upload.

Step 1
-Duplicate a recent event form to create a new event form.
-Edit the form name and go to setting as I do.
-Schedule the form and select the submission end date.
-Use https://dateful.com/time-zone-converter/ to convert your local time to the USA time zone. (Note: If you use the wrong time zone, then the form will not schedule properly.)
-On the left side, you will see an email notification panel. Go to “Email Notification” and change the email subject and message according to me.
-On the left side, you will see Marketing & CRM Integrations panel. Go to “Marketing & CRM Integrations” and change the SMS according to me.

Step 2
-Download images from google drive.
-Go to https://tinypng.com/. Compressed the image size for speeding up the website.

Step 3
-Go to “Template>popup” and hover on the recent popup and click on “PA Duplicate“.
-After duplicate, rename the popup and click on “Edit with Elementor“.
-On the left side, there is a section called fluent forms. Select the created event form from dropdown list.
-On the right side, select a square image for the popup.

Step 4
-Go to “AE Templates“. There you can see two types of section. One is “Header” and another is “Form“.
-Duplicate the recent “Form” with “PA Duplicate” by hovering on it. Then duplicate “Header“.
-Rename them as the event name.
-Edit the “Form” section as I do.
-Edit the “Header” Section as I do.

Step 5
-Go to Events. At the top of the page there is a button called “Add New Event“. Click on it and fill the information as I do.
-There are two fields called “Header Shortcode” and “Form Shortcode“. Copy the shortcodes from “AE Templates“.
-Select category as “Running Events“.
-Enable Post Expiration and schedule the post and replace the category to “Expired Events“.
-Set featured image.

Step 6
-To show the recent event on the homepage, just copy the shortcodes and paste it below “Pages>Home>Edit“.
-To show the event form in the reservation page, just copy the form shortcode to the reservation page and upload a desktop version featured image.

Thank you.